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Privacy Policy

Evil Egg Software Limited trading as Archive Products App is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with relevant data protection legislation.

Archive Products is a web application that assists you in managing discontunued products for your online e-commerce store, for the benefit of preserving your search engine listings and offering alternative products to customers. In order to provide this service, we store various information in our app's database as neccessary to acomplish this task.

Types of data we store:

Types of data we do not store:

How we collect your data

Evil Egg Software Limited recevies your data primarily via your Ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Big Commerce or Volution, as agreed by you during the installation process. We may also receive information volunteered by you during support enquiries.

Cookies & Local Storage

We use cookies for core functionality only. Customers may select from your available shipping locations, and we set a cookie to store this preference. This allows customers to continue browsing your store's product pages without the need to keep setting their preferred location. This cookie is not used for tracking purposes.

We use the web browser's local storage API to log critical information about the customer's browsing paths. This allows the app to acurately determine the correct calculated timeframes when displaying the app on your cart page.

Service Emails & Marketing

Occasionally we may send app subscribers emails about upcoming changes and additions to the Archive Products App. Under GDPR rules this falls under the category of legitimate interest. We strongly believe it's in the best interest of subscribers to know about upcoming changes and additions to the service, especially when this concerns breaking changes. We promise never to sell any personal data we hold. In addition to emails falling under legitimate interest, we also send automated service emails. This includes a welcome email when you first install the app, a goodbye email when you uninstall, and reminder emails when your annual licence is due to expire soon. These emails are intended to ensure continuity of service.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We hold all information in our data during the lifetime of your installation. All stored data is removed upon uninstallation.

The legal basis for processing

Consent, contract, legitimate interest.

Data privacy contact